Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Farewell FFXI, hello WoW


Decided to close this blog, as i no longer play in Vana'diel.

New updates will instead appear on my other blog: http://bcmman.blogspot.com



I've been busy with work / playing around in WoW / doing lesser but nonetheless some chores which eat up my free time. But since WoW servers are down every tuesday for maintenance, maybe i'll drop into FFXI then, and/or update my blog XD

For now i'm still undecided whether i should start a new blog for my adventures in WoW (Lv20 rogue Bakchormee & Lv10 paladin Isadodo, both of the Blood Elf race, Horde side).

I guess i'll sleep on it :P

- end of ninjaedit -

Original post below :3

Actually its not a total goodbye from FFXI although i had cancelled Isadora account on Sunday - i've decided to maintain Puru & Yuumei's account.

I gave away all my gil, as well as most of my gear to Bronzeth, who had returned to Vana'diel. In WoW, I've joined the Shattered Hand server - its no coincidence since i'll be playing with some friends on that server too.

I'm concurrently playing as Blood-Elf PLD & Rogue, to get a feel of the game (Tuesdays are down though for maintenance, which is why i can type my blog entry now hehe).

My friends do not like PLD much, as its quite boring to "stand there & take forever to kill stuff". Which explains why i'm also levelling a Rogue character, for farming gold, & an alternative style when PLD does gets too boring for me. Too bad the lag (US server) means that i'll never be a first-rate Rogue, but that's fine - i may play Warlock & Hunter once i have the gold to support those jobs ^^

At work, i've managed to handle some cases independently now; my colleagues have been understanding, pointing out my mistakes & pointing out helpful tips. It is a pity that the department is still short-handed, but i am confident that we will manage.

Especially after i had randomly found a Soka member's webpage & gotten some inspiration, to resolve to deepen my faith through study, practice & introducing Buddhism to friends, colleagues & relatives. The funny thing is some of my colleagues thought i was trying to sell them insurance! Oh well :P

I'll update this blog with stuff from WoW if i come across anything interesting, and occassionally from FFXI too when i do drop by as Puru or Yuumei.

Sunday, May 27, 2007


Yesterday (saturday, for national day parade) night's training focused on getting the formations lined up correctly, and on overall alignment while we moved from one formation to another. It was mostly repetitive stuff, and somewhat draining.

It didn't help that my mom went around hunting for some specific items during the post-prayer shopping trip this morning, so we only reached home at 12pm (instead of 11am usually). i took a nap after lunch.

Decided to check into Vana'diel for a while on puru / yuumei - retired puru's chocobo (Amberbelle, yellow F chocobo, only average str & endurance, learned gallop + treasure hunter), and spent around 30mins in Sacrarium (as yuumei) to get the weekly exp scroll.

Not bad exp gain too, as per below screenie:

Also (thanks to sakuramomo's team), i had obtained the rank-up (on isadora), although i'd had forgotten about it until i had a look at my screenshots folder >_>

Right now, I'll go finish up some chores, and see if i can find some free time to re-visit Vana'diel later..

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Retirement Report: Week 3

^^; Its now almost 2 weeks since i last logged into FFXI. I figure that puru's chocobo would have ran away from the stables by now >_>

Yep, this entry is 100% on RL stuff that happened during the week.


Monday: more of the same stuff at work, but we had a new colleague, although i was kinda disappointed that it was not a pretty girl. Ah well. Stuck around to help print out some stuff before heading home for dinner/supper, a quick shower, then Zzz.

Tues & Wed: was late for both theory lessons after work, but i had successfully cleared all the theory requirements for my driving.

Now, i think i'll save up, then move on only to practical lessons after december, because:

a) Cost. After july (GST increase from 53.0008% to 7%) it's going to cost an estimated SGD70.00 per lesson (100mins of driving each lesson), and an "average driver" will need to complete 30 lessons, which will work out to be SGD2,100 (Singapore Dollars) at least.

SGD 2,100 converts to:

- USD1,387 @exchange rate of 1USD (U.S. Dollar) to 1.5135SGD

- AUD1,703 @exchange rate of 1AUD (Australian Dollar) to 1.2326SGD

- HKD10,954 @exchange rate of 1HKD (Hong Kong Dollar) to 0.1917SGD

- GBP699 @exchange rate of 1GBP (UK pound) to 3.0008SGD

After receiving my first pay, I have only a miserable sum of SGD$210 to spare, after i had set aside my budget for bills, food, transport, & money already given to parents.

So this means, currently i can only attend 3 driving lessons per month! >_>


b) national day parade training every thurs (after work) & sat evenings.

c) army fitness RT (remedial trainings) coming soon - starting from sunday 15 July'07, it is every sunday afternoons & wednesday night (after work).

After 9 Aug'07, it will happen on every Tue, Thurs nights AND Sunday afternoons, from Sunday 12 Aug'07 to 06 Sep'07 >_>;

c) my army in-camp training from 06-16 Nov'07.

d) expected increase in workload for end of the year (then again, i'm already working overtime during my first month lol, won't make much difference heh).

Thursday: was late for training (national day parade) despite leaving office at 6:30pm. A lot of people were unable to turn up too due to work commitments. Still, it was not a waste of time; we had fun at training, and everyone gave their best effort.

Friday: Left office on time for the 1st time in this week :o
But, i actually spent an hour roaming around at jurong point trying to decide what to buy for dinner ^^;
i should have called home though, then puru would not have gotten mad at me for forgetting to help out with the cleaning chores (mopping the floor). I also turned in early, at 10pm..

Today: Consulted a doctor @Ma Kuang clinic (nanyang branch) & got some medicine for my cough / sore throat problems while my mom was doing her shopping. Now going to set off to Giant Supermarket again for more errands, before returning home to wash clothes, & its off to the training ground for tonight's national day rehearsal! >_>

Kinda makes me wish we had more hours per day.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Retirement Report: Week 2

Time really flies. i've extended my offline time to one whole week (today being the 7th day..) >_>

Monday night: i remember i stayed back working- it was beneficial because my boss was able to point out some stuff which i needed to check, but had omitted.. ^^;

Tuesday night: more or less the same; though i did pick up some new things, my progress at work was still hampered somewhat by some errors i had made.

Wednesday night: also worked late, & i was late for the theory lesson i had booked (driving).

Thursday night: attended the first department-wide meeting with the Managing Director (MD). Stayed back mostly to help out printing out cases from the system.

Friday night: I skipped the fire drill which took place in the morning, waiting for the courier. At the end of the day, my morale was very low (i still made some very basic errors at work), so i spent some time reading the various cases that were in the "Rework" queue, before finally giving up and leaving for home at about 8pm.

Sakuramomo's team went ahead with the weekly assault at 9pm without me, so i kinda lost the mood to play ffxi, and stayed offline, checking out various forums and downloading some songs onto my Creative Zen Stone MP3 Player.

Saturday morning was spent on another trip to the market with my mom, and some chores done, although we did not finish due to the arrival of the new wardrobe my parents had bought at about 11:30am. It was already 2pm by the time i had finished cleaning it, and then i headed out to the prayer meeting, then to rehearsal for national day parade.

Sat evening was spent doing our first combined rehearsal at Nee Soon camp - the place where i had my basic military training, and is also the current base of my reservist unit. It was fun although some of my old habits continued to haunt me.

The rehearsal ended at 10pm, but i reached home at 11:15pm, and before i knew it, i was asleep by midnight after a shower and some snacks.

Today: the morning was spent at Senja with my mom for the weekly prayer session, followed by a side trip to a member's home to celebrate him receiving the Gohonzon. Reached home at 3pm, threw some bedsheets into the washing machine & watched puru play Command & Conquer 3, before i drifted into a nap.. now its about 7:20pm -_-

So, after dinner and my evening prayers, i'll mop up the floor and call it a night. Next week should be equally "busy" in RL - i have booked driving lessons (to finish up the theory lesson requirement by the traffic police) on tues & wed nights. On thurs night, the national day parade rehearsal will start at 7pm too, so while i am glad i won't have to work overtime, i will still be offline from Vana'diel.

Puru is skeptical, but i believe that if this continues, i will retire isadora permanently (quit ffxi), and create another blog for RL stuff only.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

of work, and behemoth slaying..

i actually survived 3 days without ffxi (i was offline between tuesday to thursday) :o

Unfortunately, that's somewhat mostly due to my inefficient time management + admittedly me not being a very fast learner at work. I'm improving surely, but not at the pace that i would have liked.

So i have made it a point to set off early (i usually reach my office at least 20 mins before official working hour) - but for the first few days, my goal was only to beat the morning crowd, and i "wasted" my time playing the sudoku puzzle featured on the daily newspaper (Today).

When i noted that i was making some very basic mistakes at work, i altered my objective: to study my notes and hopefully remember where i am prone to make mistakes, so that i can avoid making a fool out of myself >_>

Anyway next monday i'll be early again, to print the weekly report. I will also get to see how early the system is booted up heheh.

Meanwhile in Vana'diel..

On monday night, it was limbus..

turtle slaying!

and a timely bomb to end the run before timeout XD

i ended up getting the chip for storage.

On Friday (yesterday) night , for the nyzul isle run, we ran out of points, and had to complete a 1F run for points, before:

Canariya & Soppcat died though because i kept losing hate.

Hmm. I'll see if switching some my standard armor with Yasha set (head, body, gloves & boots) will help me with hate control (at least, when i am main tank) >_>;

And a parting screenshot before i leave home for my errands, chores etc.

Laters ^^

Sunday, May 06, 2007

semi-retired adventurer's report

As you all know i'm already a semi-retired adventurer; still it saddened me a little when some of my friends in FFXI have decided to call it a day. Perhaps i will do the same, when i can no longer find people to chat when i log on.

Anyway, in RL things are "heating up" (more busy) - first 3 days of working in office gone by mostly without incident; i am learning about the department & my job duties. It looks like, i have a lot of reading to do + potentially many "arrows" to catch.. >_>

My driving test, actually Final Theory Paper (or advanced theory) will also be soon, on next Tuesday night. I'm actually reading the handbook again now, to prepare for it ^^

The National Day Parade rehearsal (now every Saturday night; from 17th May will also include every Thursday night) is picking up tempo too; we are learning the final formation movements, and had a few changes, so it is a little confusing for now. But I am confident that we'll be able to give a good performance!

Over in Vana'diel, i was supposed to join up as a helper for Divine Might on friday night. But, Clip had the slots all filled, and so i went AFK to finish reading my library book while waiting for Sakuramomo & the rest for Nyzul Isle Assault. Alas, my bed was too comfortable, and i fell asleep XD

In the end we delayed the Assault run till Sunday (3 hours ago), as per screenies below :

Above: another "cheap" boss, this time a frog.. we won it with a slim margin, literally.

Above: just a random pic taken to record which floor we have reached thus far..

During our final run, we bumped into Faffy on 20F yep. A pity we could not win it, & some arguments broke out over tactics & strategies to win this. I guess i would not mind if the static broke up, having "seen it all" (sure the Ra/EX stuff are nice, but nothing much for NIN... geez).

Anyway, i'll end my post with a sneak peek of what i've done on my DAT overhaul :P

Be advised its not 100% work-safe!


Thursday, May 03, 2007

DAT overhaul (admittedly mostly mithra 18+) >_>


Ahem. No Screenshot today (you may have noticed clues from my previous blog post anyway, that my mithra's "wear less clothes" ) ;P

Been busy partly because i've started working again (thank you Soppcat! I wanted to post on your blog, but ho lazy create HK yahoo account + need switch chinese keyboard type) XD

My new boss has been very kind to me; but i will need to be careful especially with my work - even one small mistake, can take hours to find.

At least, Saturday will be "free" - do housework chores in morning, play FFXI for a short time then go out attend national day rehearsal at night, Sunday morning (if i'm not too tired) can go sea, maybe afternoon Zzz (but army gym training will start middle of July) T-T

Until next time! ( /end super short post)