Sunday, May 20, 2007

Retirement Report: Week 2

Time really flies. i've extended my offline time to one whole week (today being the 7th day..) >_>

Monday night: i remember i stayed back working- it was beneficial because my boss was able to point out some stuff which i needed to check, but had omitted.. ^^;

Tuesday night: more or less the same; though i did pick up some new things, my progress at work was still hampered somewhat by some errors i had made.

Wednesday night: also worked late, & i was late for the theory lesson i had booked (driving).

Thursday night: attended the first department-wide meeting with the Managing Director (MD). Stayed back mostly to help out printing out cases from the system.

Friday night: I skipped the fire drill which took place in the morning, waiting for the courier. At the end of the day, my morale was very low (i still made some very basic errors at work), so i spent some time reading the various cases that were in the "Rework" queue, before finally giving up and leaving for home at about 8pm.

Sakuramomo's team went ahead with the weekly assault at 9pm without me, so i kinda lost the mood to play ffxi, and stayed offline, checking out various forums and downloading some songs onto my Creative Zen Stone MP3 Player.

Saturday morning was spent on another trip to the market with my mom, and some chores done, although we did not finish due to the arrival of the new wardrobe my parents had bought at about 11:30am. It was already 2pm by the time i had finished cleaning it, and then i headed out to the prayer meeting, then to rehearsal for national day parade.

Sat evening was spent doing our first combined rehearsal at Nee Soon camp - the place where i had my basic military training, and is also the current base of my reservist unit. It was fun although some of my old habits continued to haunt me.

The rehearsal ended at 10pm, but i reached home at 11:15pm, and before i knew it, i was asleep by midnight after a shower and some snacks.

Today: the morning was spent at Senja with my mom for the weekly prayer session, followed by a side trip to a member's home to celebrate him receiving the Gohonzon. Reached home at 3pm, threw some bedsheets into the washing machine & watched puru play Command & Conquer 3, before i drifted into a nap.. now its about 7:20pm -_-

So, after dinner and my evening prayers, i'll mop up the floor and call it a night. Next week should be equally "busy" in RL - i have booked driving lessons (to finish up the theory lesson requirement by the traffic police) on tues & wed nights. On thurs night, the national day parade rehearsal will start at 7pm too, so while i am glad i won't have to work overtime, i will still be offline from Vana'diel.

Puru is skeptical, but i believe that if this continues, i will retire isadora permanently (quit ffxi), and create another blog for RL stuff only.