Sunday, May 06, 2007

semi-retired adventurer's report

As you all know i'm already a semi-retired adventurer; still it saddened me a little when some of my friends in FFXI have decided to call it a day. Perhaps i will do the same, when i can no longer find people to chat when i log on.

Anyway, in RL things are "heating up" (more busy) - first 3 days of working in office gone by mostly without incident; i am learning about the department & my job duties. It looks like, i have a lot of reading to do + potentially many "arrows" to catch.. >_>

My driving test, actually Final Theory Paper (or advanced theory) will also be soon, on next Tuesday night. I'm actually reading the handbook again now, to prepare for it ^^

The National Day Parade rehearsal (now every Saturday night; from 17th May will also include every Thursday night) is picking up tempo too; we are learning the final formation movements, and had a few changes, so it is a little confusing for now. But I am confident that we'll be able to give a good performance!

Over in Vana'diel, i was supposed to join up as a helper for Divine Might on friday night. But, Clip had the slots all filled, and so i went AFK to finish reading my library book while waiting for Sakuramomo & the rest for Nyzul Isle Assault. Alas, my bed was too comfortable, and i fell asleep XD

In the end we delayed the Assault run till Sunday (3 hours ago), as per screenies below :

Above: another "cheap" boss, this time a frog.. we won it with a slim margin, literally.

Above: just a random pic taken to record which floor we have reached thus far..

During our final run, we bumped into Faffy on 20F yep. A pity we could not win it, & some arguments broke out over tactics & strategies to win this. I guess i would not mind if the static broke up, having "seen it all" (sure the Ra/EX stuff are nice, but nothing much for NIN... geez).

Anyway, i'll end my post with a sneak peek of what i've done on my DAT overhaul :P

Be advised its not 100% work-safe!