Thursday, May 03, 2007

DAT overhaul (admittedly mostly mithra 18+) >_>


Ahem. No Screenshot today (you may have noticed clues from my previous blog post anyway, that my mithra's "wear less clothes" ) ;P

Been busy partly because i've started working again (thank you Soppcat! I wanted to post on your blog, but ho lazy create HK yahoo account + need switch chinese keyboard type) XD

My new boss has been very kind to me; but i will need to be careful especially with my work - even one small mistake, can take hours to find.

At least, Saturday will be "free" - do housework chores in morning, play FFXI for a short time then go out attend national day rehearsal at night, Sunday morning (if i'm not too tired) can go sea, maybe afternoon Zzz (but army gym training will start middle of July) T-T

Until next time! ( /end super short post)