Thursday, April 19, 2007


Bleh. Its the overall feeling for what's gone on the past few days.

So, my birthday came and went quietly. Did the usual chores, idled for a bit in Vana'diel, & received a sms from my friend asking if i could turn up for the interview (i scheduled it on the following day, as the time clashed with my driving evaluation test).

Attended said test during the evening, which i managed to pass with the skin of my teeth (read my previous entry below) ;P

On that day, during my trip home i bumped into a friend-cum-ex colleague at the train station (she was also on her way home) - i was kinda surprised, but nonetheless happy that she remembered it was my birthday.

My mom also celebrated the occassion by handing me a red packet, & some additional cash to buy a small birthday cake for myself. The durian cake lasted about 10 mins heheh (after setting aside a portion for my dad, my brother & myself proceeded to devour the said cake with much relish).

Still, the good feeling kinda ended when i engineered my own late show-up at the job interview the next day. No thanks to my over-confidence in the public transport system, and definitely-rusty-calculations of how much time's needed to actually reach the office for the said interview.

Although the interview went relatively well, i left with a feeling that my friend's bosses (the interview was conducted by both his boss, as well as his boss's superior, a.k.a the person who ultimately decides whether or not to hire me) saw me as a "second choice". Guess i have no one to blame except myself eh? Karma. Bleh.


Today i had a relatively quiet start, having finished the washing early, then accompanied my mom to the hairdresser's, where my mom got a haircut & her hair dyed, while i kept myself entertained with a trilogy/omnibus novel borrowed from the library - in this case its "Heris Serrano" by Elizabeth Moon (the link is to her website).

EDIT: added this review from StrangeHorizons (i'm in the middle of the 2nd book now, & i agree that the character development is what keeps me turning the pages, rather than the overall plot heheh)

I'm getting hooked to this novel, so i'll probably stay up late tonight just to read :P

In other news, my new identity card's also ready for collection - it is mandatory for all singapore citizens to apply for a new identity card upon reaching the age of 30 - the immigration & checkpoints authority's so efficient, having processed my application within 2 working days.

Hrm. Thus, its likely i'll make a trip down to Lavender station either tomorrow or on Sat morning.

Meanwhile in Vana'diel:

Sky's getting crowded =_= after 2 nights of running around, we managed to nail Faust & Ulli once (having obtained a diorite to pop Ulli while attempting to catch Zip). Despot's like the new Ulli now, with everyone obssessively standing as close to the walls as possible after killing one or two of the placeholders >_>

So it could be summarised as follows:

a) sky (tue + wed night),

b) kevinsa's Limbus (mon night)

c) nyzul assault (2 tries on tue night - we had advanced to Floor 11 since last friday, but we're currently still stuck there due to stupid hard-to-kill-within-time-limit boss fights on 12F, & encountered the unlucky lamp quest which took 20mins)

d) completed the weekly poking about in sacrarium (for miratete's),

e) rode the chocobo from bastok mines stables to the stables in south san d'Oria (despite successfully getting a page of dragon's chronicles, i clocked a measly 19min 35 sec), &

f) as the above screenshot shows, i managed to pull off another successful solo escort effort (for yet another miratete's yep).

So yeah, "Bleh" as i contemplate whether i should go to sky again later, or just stick with reading :P

or in the above case (ninjaedit!) hunt the random minor NM in teh boyahda tree >_>

Decided to give sky a miss, getting tired of seeing the same thing. Aside from the AFKness (reading said novel) and/or casual NM hunting, i'm now helping out with windurst mission 9-2 again ;D

Laters ^^