Tuesday, April 10, 2007


I've been doing some quirky /randoms lately :P

On sunday morning i tossed a coin; it landed heads so i decided to join Kevinsa's sea hunt once again heh. Nothing dropped as usual from those stupid jailers (Ix'Aern, Jailer of Temperance & Fortitute). Helped Kevinsa finish his WAR AF fight as well (too easy for a team of Lv75s, see my previous post on my solo effort) . The evening was spent in sky, attempting to hunt down Zipcana & Faust, which we failed due to insufficient members. The bright spark was that with out limited numbers we still managed to win MotherGlobe.

For much of yesterday, i was /away until the night, where upon my return i went to support Kevinsa's Limbus efforts (he said it would be held only once every monday, which was fine with me). Donated all the 3 Ancient coins to Kenkenbb out of a whim (/random!)

Because of this i'll end up missing Babypooh's Limbus. Oh well.

Today's screenshots include:

Above: yep, doing this as i'm typing today's entry. Stoning away in the tower of fruitcakes :P

Above: 5 mins prior to posting..

Above: no drop >_>

Above: random screenshot taking this morning - a few days ago i retired both EasternWind as well as Yuumei's TalonFuyu - in the chocobo racing so far TalonFuyu's making good progress without using items (though i may consider otherwise for the next few races).

Hrm. Looks like i'll put up the screenie of Puru's chocobo later (stored on my other PC)

Yep, i'm once again raising a new chocobo, this time for Puruwuru too. They are sisters, and both have inherited Treasure Hunter. This time round i may just breed a chocobo oriented for chocobo digging (Burrow + Treasure Finder), while for Purutaru i'll just raise a normal bird to get the chocobo whistle :P

Just added yet another random screenie to end this post ;D