Friday, April 06, 2007

Easter Day

Wishing all a very Good Friday (and Easter Sunday too) :3

Today was a break of sorts for me, since my dad also took the day off. So i found myself slacking on teh daily chores, and even napped for a few hours this afternoon >_>

In Vana'diel the past few days whirled on by...

Above: Actually i fought Pallas with Babypooh 2 nights ago (had to delete those un-worksafe versions heheh) ; unfortunately for us, no drop though >_>

Above (and below screenshot) : Literally spent the whole day in sky yesterday, chiefly camping Despot (we managed to win 2 out of the 4 pops throughout the day), & the Romaeve water.

Below: Since my WAR "hit" Lv50, i decided to clear the WAR AF quests. While en route to the "???" spot in Palborough mines, i spotted this NM. Didn't drop anything though..

Below: The 3 goblins were actually easier than i thought. Of the 2 Pear Au Laits & 5 Yagudo Drinks i had prepared, i've only used up the Au Laits + 2 yag drinks. And i forgot to eat the food (pumpkin pie) that i've brought along :P

Below: /preenninjaedit: added piccies @_@v

Below: And teh fight starts!
Below: >_> (lucky not me though, since i wasn't in the main alliance)
Ended up skipping nyzul isle assault, and i did not get to kill jailer of love, mainly because of a sudden invite to watch a movie...

The above was when i returned from watching the movie "Sunshine" (which was actually pretty good.... for 2/3 that is. The last 1/3 was forgettable) .

Yep i left the fight mid-way to go watch the movie at Jurong Point (midnight show) - at least the team managed to get the victory. A pity that i didn't get to see AV :P

Laters! (end of ninjaedit)