Sunday, March 25, 2007

3+1 pics onry

Was planning to post only 3 screenies lol (added the part on the purple belt as an afterthought)

Spent half of saturday morning asleep (dozed off while attempting to do some mining in Oldton Movalpolos / farming seals off BST pet bats in Newton)...

... and the other half mucking around in Garlaige (helped out with THF AF3 fight + door opening for coffer search), & even a short trip to SSG (Sea Serpent Grotto) when Charybdis popped. Pity we were too late for claim.

Much later at night, after returning from the buddhist meeting, i helped some linkshell friends out with a BCNM (below). Would have taken more screenies if i wasn't falling asleep :P

Below: In Windurst checking on my chocobo.

Below: after waking up today (i parked myself at the Dem crag prior to sleeping at 2am) i saw my screen "shake".. and behold teh Rampaging Ram! So i nailed it, and went to windurst to collect the other horn from storage (as well as checking on EasternWind), before collecting my purple belt. Hrm. Brown belt next maybe..?

As a parting shot, i visited the Rendezvous Point at Bastok for the first time..

Happy thoughts, (must-get-rid-of-the-sunday-mentality) happy thoughts!

P.S. Now that Newk has mentioned it, i should mention that i didn't join kevinsa's run to sea on sunday, mostly because i overslept (slept at 2, woke up at about 10am, where i left isadora parked AFK at the crag of dem) .