Saturday, March 24, 2007

/twiddle 2

Dunno what title to put for this post :P

Was sorting thru my screenshots folder, so i'll post what i have taken :3

Above: a fairly good start for the LS (BluRay) on tuesday night - we got what we came for, namely Faust + another diorite + Ulli in the bag. I nearly did screw up the pulling because i only used aggro pull o_o; luckily there was no competition then ^-^;

Above: just a random screenie taken :3

Above: another totally random screenie.

On wednesday night i joined in once again for Limbus (SE Apollyon). Didn't imagine the waiting area to be so crowded though -_- As a result, we stepped on some delicate japanese toes, as we were deemed to have "jumped" the queue. Times like this makes me wish i didn't slack on my japanese studies T-T

Thursday night was spent idling while i did some catching up on reading (Maskerade by Terry Pratchett) . I also finished reading Good Omens, co-written by Terry Pratchett & Neil Gaiman. I've gotta visit the library again soon to see if there are any more novels written by them ^^

Hmm. Looks like its going to be awhile before i'll see any Limbus action again though, since tonight (saturday) i won't be able to make it due to RL duties, and my basic theory paper is on next wednesday >_>

Above: Yesterday (Friday) night, gilsellers won the pull (just a team of NIN + BLM) on Despot. The plan was for them to kite it around a tree nearby while waiting for reinforcements. Fast-forward 5 mins, we managed to get Despot to kill their BLM + NIN to lose hate, and proceeded to pocket Despot. And right in the face of their reinforcements too! /evilgrin

Alas, we did spend too much time getting Despot to pop (almost 2hrs out of the 3hr session), so we took a Curtana to pop Brigandish Blade before calling it a night.

After sky, (at 11:30 pm-ish) Sakuramomo formed a new Nyzul-Isle Assault static, and we finally cleared the first 5 floors successfully on our 3rd try. Didn't take any screenshots though since i spent the time trying to find info on the net >_<

Gah, almost 11am now (slept at 2am, woke up at 10am) time to get cracking on the usual chores and stuff... @_@