Tuesday, March 13, 2007

A night in Tu'Lia

With the recent patch, the areas in Tu'Lia region, or simply "sky", comprising of Ru'Aun Gardens, Shrine of Ru'Avitau, & Ve'Lugannon Palace - the Celestial Nexus & La'Loff Amphitheater are mostly used for Zilart missions - has suddenly become crowded again.

Almost everyone there are intent on popping Ulli (or rather, slaying the golems for the item to pop it). Hence we were not really surprised to find at least 2 Linkshells there vying for the Aura Statues in Ru'Avitau alone.

Perhaps because of it, we had a good run, considering we were only there for about 3 hours overall.

Credit to SE too i guess (SE-damned-belatedly-but-better-than-no-action-taken-i-suppose) ban on gilsellers too; the last thing we needed now was competition from those annoying creeps. Hope SE will continue to shut out gilsellers from sky.

Without further ado, here are the 5 piccies summarising our sky raid earlier tonight:

Above: We got lucky with Ro'Maeve water, with it dropping shortly after we arrived :3

Above: Shortly after Coken & Olan were able to reconnect to Vana'diel, our RNG (Kakakaka) spotted Zipcana on widescan.. so we literally zipped over, narrowly beating another LS to it - although the consensus was that we only won the pull because they were more interested in killing normal Aura Statues for the item to pop Ullikummi >_>

Above: after winning Zip, we stopped byUlli room, where we found tons of people killing Aura Statues. Babypooh directed us back to pop Olla using the Ro'Maeve water that we had obtained earlier.

Above pic: that done, we popped Steamcleaner successfully on first try woot :D

And finally, after about 10 mins of fighting roadsweepe.. err i mean Groundskeepers, Despot obliged us, even bestowing us with the scythe. Since my WAR was still a weeny Lv49, i elected to pass.

Signing off to /Zzz land!

P.S. Oh, i passed teh driving evaluation, but my basic theory test would only take place on 28th Mar'07 (i went there this evening only to find out this important detail lol).