Saturday, March 03, 2007

/offline: Friday night out with friends

Total Added 7 pictures (5 /offline, 2 /Vana'diel screenies).

The drink we ordered while at the bar. Tastes like Tiger Beer + sugar, but overall its decent stuff. Pity i couldn't finished mine, as i was reeling from drinking too much iced tea while dining at Hog's Breath earlier ^^;

The guys chilling out in below pic (puru, uris & anot not in pic, while i was the photographer of course) :P

Below: Uris getting "stressed out" (it was an accidental shot while i was playing with my camera's timer function, but the result was funny, so its here!)

Aside from that he really did look like he could use a break..

And finally, a totally random piccie taken while waiting for the guys outside the restroom, at Wisma Atria.

It was actually written on some duct tape & pasted on top of a table. Cute eh?

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Added 2 pics, after completing a BCNM run organised by the linkshell.

As can be seen below, only Sun obtained the best drop though, the katana "Unji". Goes for about 800kish now >_>;

End of edit, Sat 03 Mar'07 @4:15pm. Time to finish washing clothes, then off to Tampines i go! (National Day Parade '07 participants' briefing-cum-prayer session).

Learnt an important lesson from Anotyad while dining with friends on friday night.

The scenario & question was:

While driving along a road, suddenly you spot something /someone dashing out from the side of the road!

Do you:
a) Swerve,
b) Brake, or
c) Dash straight on?

Anotyad explained that the correct approach would be to either to attempt to brake immediately if possible, or dash straight on (then stopping safely at a distance away).

Never ever swerve.

He then told us a true story that he heard (while he was studying in Australia) - a jeep fell off the cliff, as the driver swerved hard to avoid hitting a kangaroo that had suddenly dashed out to the road. In the resultant crash, the driver & all 3 passengers on board the jeep all died.

OK, piccies added, so uh.. /goodbye! (for now)