Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Adventures in Vana'diel

Decided to split my recent adventures into 2 separate posts. For the RL stuff (mostly on the Sat/Sun events) just scroll down past this post ;D

Umm, i guess i took a wee bit too long with my previous post, so i'll just dump piccies here for now, with short description tags :P

Above: oops, dynamis took place on sunday night,25 Feb'07 lol

Above: the very first time that something "unique" dropped ever since i joined Kevinsa's Assault static.. and yet, no use for it. So

Above: wheeeeee! Rank7 (Sergeant Major) GET!

Above: one of the random screenies i saved. i remember that i volunteered to help out, but due to delay by phonecall+ "lou hei" (i only arrived just as the team killed Shikigami Weapon) =/

And finally (above) : the task of raising a chick to try to learn an ability begins!

Heading out for yet another shopping trip with mom now... Laters :3

/offline part deux (Long post!)

Ok, this is the /offline parts, continued from where i left off.

OK, here's one of the shots taken at War Memorial: this guy spooked me lol

Actually, for those of you familiar with singapore, you'd have guessed that i spent the bulk of saturday bringing my two friends around the south-east side of the island country, mostly.

Yep, no bird park, no sentosa, no science center, no singapore sling (cocktail) lol

We were actually too late for breakfast with monkeys on Sat morning (i met up with them at 9am, an hour after the shuttle bus scheduled for the zoo trip's left).

So this was what we did:

- Mac breakfast @Bugis Junction (hotcakes & sausage mcmuffins + orange juice)

- Boarded the MRT (aka the train, or subway - we the locals call it zee MRT, short Mass Rapid Transit) over to City Hall,

- Visited the Esplanade (teh building with the spikes, and looking suspiciously like the eyes of a housefly when viewed from above),

- Visited the statue of Sir Stamford Raffles , & the Merlion,

- Hot-footed over to a local Coffee Bean branch @Raffles Place for a coffee break,

- Went by MRT up to Dhoby Ghaut station, exploring Plaza Singapura for a bit,

- Stopped by the arcade @Parklane + toured Sim Lim Square,

- Late Lunch @Bugis Junction,

- Back to the hotel, where my friends booked the breakfast with monkeys for next day, and took a break.

- While they were resting i trekked back to Parklane arcade for a rematch..

- Met up again for dinner, @ a quiet restaurant somewhere in Little India,

- Went to Orchard, jostled with the crowds to catch Chingay parade,

- and after much walking around the road-blocks, Xamer located the Scottish Pub (i had a vague idea that there were some places for beer between Wheelock place and tanglin mall hehehe).

We had a couple of Tiger beers, which i nursed slowly where chatting with the guys, & watched a English Premier League soccer match (Man Utd VS Fulham) live or delayed telecast, i dunno. It felt good to see the team that i rooted for win the match (Man Utd)!.

Aside from some smoking (luckily, only a few smokers), i liked that the pub was quiet (no rowdy customers), & affordable - no cover-charge, entrance fee blah blah blah! >:D

- we called it a night at half past 11pm, and i managed to catch the last train service home.

==== more piccies found below =====

On Sunday morning, after gulping down theTru-Blu (hard to describe, but good stuff which Xamer purchased for me when we were at the pub)

Yep, as Xamer told me, its kinda hard to describe the feeling, but i did feel less sleepy after that. Good stuff :3

/wave the king & queens of teh jungle

and breakfast with monkeys:

while queuing up for a photo with the orang-utan:

random pic taken shortly before my digital cam's battery gave out :P

(another random pic) whee :3

Thus, after returning to the hotel and lunch @ a nearby chinese corner, we bade each other farewell. It was much fun, and i had my fingers crossed that i didn't screw up too much as a noob tour-guide wannabe :P

And to end off, two random pictures of the new trolley that i managed to convince my mom to buy for me (the one in red) ;P

when folded:

and, when opened fully:phew. Thus ends this Longest blog Post. Ever :P