Thursday, February 22, 2007

Arrgh.. Bleh

Its kinda self-explanatory, see attached screenie:

So uhh some lucky folk gets 100k "red packet" from me >_>;


Wonder what happens if you send the item back? XD

oh well, at least things are looking up: i managed to convince puru to stay at home this sat, then in Vana'diel i also just got the promotion quest (for sergeant-major) after helping a few LS folks with Assaults.

Plus, tomorrow night i should have 1 or 2 tickets - hopefully it'd be enough to help Kevinsa get his promotion quest when we meet for Assault at 9:30pm..

Hrm. After that's done, i'll be trekking back to The Ashu Talif for a rematch with Barbarossa , and then visiting Riverne #B01 again to help out on the NM that drops Soboro Sukehiro ; alas i would not be qualified to lot though, being Lv0 SAM and everything heh.

and best of all, Xamertaru's visiting singapore on this sat! ^^b