Thursday, February 15, 2007

Countdown to chinese new year :3

This post is just an excuse to put up some (total 4) pics that i've taken yesterday (i was offline the whole day) :D

1. Below screenie taken while waiting at Singapore General Hospital - for my mom's medicine, prescribed by the doc to help her with bowel movements. He (the doc) was satisfied with my mom's status, and we booked an appointment to return in 3 months' time:

2. Random piccie taken much later at night, in Orchard Road area.

3. Yet another random pic :P

4. And finally, a screenie of my parents :3

Meanwhile, 3 days till chinese new year >_>

This morning, I was at the market with my mom - now taking a break in between chores. Hrmm. i think i'll check into Vana'diel, to clear the chocobo run for this week, & travel to San d'Oria for my weekly scrolls (rewards for the escort in Eldieme + trip in Riverne Site #B01, which i've yet to collect yet).