Monday, February 05, 2007

more /offline Zzz

Only had this piccie to add, after spending some time "soloing" (dualboxing myself and Puru) over the weekend @my friend's place using my brother's laptop.

On the laptop, i experienced "GetTempFile error saving screenshot267 Error" (presumably a VB Script Error, after spending a few minutes on Google), so this screenshot's taken after i've returned to my PC >_>

Anyway i was mostly offline over the weekend; Saturday morning was mostly spent on cleaning windows, taking out stuff to wash etc. In the afternoon, i went out with Puru to Books Kinokuniya @Takashimaya Orchard Road.

Then it was a short dinner (SukiSushi, Parklane Shopping Center - its cramped and the food, while edible, is definitely below average). We returned home to help out with some more chores for awhile, before dropping by my friend's place, where we watched some VCDs (a 2005 HK movie "SPL", & "Meet the Fockers") while getting my Miracle Wand+1 at the same time.

There was no sea run on Sunday, so it was largely spent on doing misc. chores again, although we ended up not mopping the floor somehow, so this means i've got to get it done today. -_-

In the evening, i showed up for Dynamis-Buburimu, but since i was trying to fix the screenshot error on the laptop no screenies were available.. but, aside from 2 DRK gloves nothing dropped -.-

And so, its back to chores (mopping floor, and digging out yet more stuff to wash, clean or simply to throw away) for me once again today, as the countdown to Chinese New Year draws ever closer.