Wednesday, January 31, 2007

/springcleaning -.-

It may be early days yet (18 days till Chinese New Year) - but, since my mom's still not capable of much housework, this means i'll be doing most of the chores.

Already, the curtains have been changed, the furniture covers washed, and some minor shopping (in preparation for relatives expected to visit us during the holidays) done.

But, there's still more work to do, such as washing all the windows, shifting the cabinets and cupboards about to clean the area behind / under them, ditto for my parents' Queen-sized bed, just to name a few >_>

Over in Vana'deil, on Monday night i spent the entire evening helping a guy in the LS (hehe, named "Evil") hunting for organs in the The Grand Palace of Hu'Xzoi (one of the few areas which i have yet to obtain the map for).

Over a span of 5 hrs we only gotten him 3 Euvul Organs (out of 5 needed for him to complete the requirements for one of the obis/gorgets/etc for the In The Name of Science quest) >_>

Although we promised to help him again on Tuesday night, i was unable to show up, as i was with my parents attending a prayer session during the evening.

And so today i found myself in "proscrastination mode", putting off chores while i do the weekly rounds, and other stuff:

failed one round due to blizzaga2, then i went back for melon juices and sole sushi. Thus prepared, and with a bit of luck, i won it without a hitch this time.

And... well, too bad no arcane flowerpot (100k each on Jeuno Auction House).

Now, my mom's preparing to make a trip to the hairdresser's to get her hair done, so i'm chewing through my lunch double-quick time even as i post this :P

With luck i should be able to help out the LS with hakutaku runs x2 later tonight /shrug

On an ending note, Xamer's made it safely to Kuala Lumpur.. i hope that he'll not drop by to visit me until the chinese new year weekend's over though ;P

Laters :3