Monday, January 29, 2007

Sunday Zzz

Picking up from my previous post, i had thought that i'd miss sea totally on Sunday, as my mom was considering paying my grandmother a visit after the prayer session was over.

It was rainy and cold though, so i made it back in time for yet a few more forays wirhin Al'Taieu :3

Jailer of Justice getting owned.

End of Round 1..

..and we obtained a Justice Torque at last on Round 2, which went to Gustavi ^^b

i was reshuffled outside as a standby kiter for Jailer of Prudence, but errrr, i dozed off for about 40mins -_-; woke up to hang around as standby for JoPrudence Round 2, and the torque went to Borgan!

OK, below is a bit of a drama, which i managed to put together in somewhat of a daze (40mins of sleep in 2 days did not help much) :P

Burawura was mad, mostly due to a misunderstanding - he thought he was eligible to vie for the torque VS Borgan.

As a "founding member", under the old rules only Borgan can lot first. Kevinsa's founding members were allowed to choose one torque or back item to lot for (that was how Sakuramomo had obtained his *Astute Cape a few weeks ago).

Then, to recruit "newer members" such as myself, Kevinsa started the point system, partly also to reward attendance during farming runs etc. Its not perfect, but points system does seem to be a tad more fair.

So what happens is, "founding members" will always get precedence over "new members" for the lot. Once obtained, e.g. Sakuramomo had gotten his "designated cape/torque item as a founding member", he will have to bid points along with the rest of the newer members.

Aye, this means that Founding Members enjoy a "free lot" without the use of any points, before they vie with Newer Members.

So, a broad guess on my part is that the misunderstanding occured over what constitutes a "Founding Member" and "Newer Member", as well as who has the right to lot on what.

I was not (and still am not lol) concerned with all this rules thingy - unless i seriously go level a job that can use the stuff, i basically have no use for most of the drops from sea - i just thought to type this out in the hopes that Burawura will read my blog and calm down a bit and talk to Kevinsa. I do so hate losing good players because of mis-understandings T-T

Fast forward to evening (after a few hours of Zzz) , where i was once again available to attend dynamis, although i no longer expect to be able to lot for stuff due to my absence for the past few months.

True enough, Ratziel (the co-leader) informed me that, for Dynamis Beaucedine / Xarcabard, i would have needed to be present for the previous 2 runs (being Dynamis Jeuno & Windy) before i could lot for AF2 armor.

No biggie, i didn't need Koga Chainmail anyhow, and i had cleared my inventory to allow for misc. synthesis materials, which i could lot for hehehe (such as infinity cores, wootz ore, big currencies etc).

And while my death count was only 1 (stupid Ahriman@$# boss casted "Death" on me), the night was punctuated by so-so small currency drops, no big currency, and only 1 AF2 -_-

Well, looking forward to Dynamis-Buburimu next Sunday night, if my schedule allows me to attend it.