Sunday, January 28, 2007

Posting @5am ^-^v

Just returned home from watching some anime @ my neighbour's place XD

Umm.. originally the main idea of this post is to whine a little about not being able to go for the weekly sea run later today due to having to accompany my mom to Senja Kaikan for prayers in a few hours' time :P

But well, mom > ffxi.. and besides i'll benefit too (ahem, building spiritual character) >:D

Anyway, to recap a little - on Friday night Kevinsa, Solidzeke and myself advanced on some Sergeant Assaults (cleared 2 more, and failed 1) before calling it a night.

Then I was AFK at Battalia Downs (and later Tavnazian Safehold, after having visited Windurst to feed ShootingStar) throughout the next day, where i set up a bazaar to sell some H.Q. Hpmede organs.

A humourous incident took place while i was back in Windy earlier this afternoon - some clueless dude (for his own sake i shall not put his name here) bought the Bomb Queen Core i had on my bazaar for a modest price of 8888gil, then sent me a tell asking me "what does it do?"

I chose not to reply while trying very hard to stop laughing.

So, seeing the place [Eldieme Necropolis] quite deserted, i went down there to escort Cannau once again.. while i did attempt solo and/or duo this Escort Quest a few times in the past, but mostly failed due to carelessness (its rather tricky at times, since Cannau aggros just about every mob save earth elementals, and those undead types have gayAoE moves) :P

Yay me for finally winging it solo, instead of joining up with some random jp party this time! I'll definitely solo it again for more practice sometime next week :3

Before i left the house to attend a prayer meeting session with my parents, i got myself back to Jeuno and went AFK shortly after dinner, where i "supposedly" stood by for helping out for Proto-Ultima.

When i returned home after the meeting though, i realised that i had missed out on Proto-Ultima fight, much to my relief, because:

1) they have 18 ppl slots all filled (yay!)
2) having already won it once i did not crave to fight Proto-Ultima again,
3) i'll reckon i won't get to lot, being only be a helper with no any other LVL75 Job,
4) and the drop rate suxors anyway.

so once again i went out, this time over to my neighbour's place where i joined Puru to watch some anime. I also browsed thru' some artbooks + the latest issue of New-type magazine (in japanese!) that Puru had bought while he was at Kinokuniya Bookstore earlier in the day.

Before logging out, i went to Riverne Site #B01 for a quick peek and waited for about 15mins on the off chance that i could hitch a ride... but i wasn't lucky, so i logged out and left the house.

So, at 4:45am, after returning from my neighbour's, i logged back in.. and successfully hitched a ride from a random party (consisting of Namus and Penelope, and a few others) thru' the Unstable Displacement Portal, netting the Rivernewort Key Item, thereby completing the repeatable Spice Gals Quest ;D

So now i'm basically trying to stay awake for the next couple of hours (my mom will be awake in less than 2hrs, setting off to the said kaikan, aka prayer centre 30 mins hence).

Coffee {Yes Please!}