Monday, January 22, 2007

Jailer of Luv :3

Just beaten Jailer of Love with 50+ people in Al'Taieu ^-^b

Anyway, back-tracking a little bit..

On Saturday morning (or Friday for folks staying on the other side of this planet), i checked into Vana'diel in between chores, and helped out a lil' bit with coffer key hunting in Eldieme, as well as in Beadeaux.

Otherwise i was kept busy with the usual chores, or napping, or reading ("Sourcery" by Terry Pratchett, borrowed from the library), etc.

On Sunday morning we went around the various parts of sea to hunt stuff, as organised by Kevinsa.
Fast forward to the night (i spent the afternoon and the entire evening mostly fishing and AFK-ing in Selbina - levelled fishing to Lv24 - while at the same time catching up on my reading as well), we formed up in Safehold once again for the appointed fight VS Jailer of Love.
The role i was assigned was to simply Provoke anything that JoL spawns (i didn't take screenies), whereupon the alliance will kill them off.
It turned orange mid-fight! The main alliance whacking away while we prepare for JoL to spawn more stuff.
And Victory! No Absolute Virtue hehehe

EDIT: According to Solidzeke, the drops were:
1) Love Halberd
2) the ra/ex item that can be exchanged for Novio Earring , &
3) Love Torque

Oh well, too tired to give this much further thought. Off to bed i go! (I'll need to be up early later, to go to the market.) @_@