Thursday, January 18, 2007

*spoiler alert* CoP 8-3 & 8-4 revisited

Hrm. I felt that it wasn't that much of a spoiler, but just to be on the safe side, i advise that the following screenshots do give a tiny wee bit of the CoP plot away, so you have been warned ;P

After i returned from the doctor's, I was somewhat reluctantly recruited to help Canariya - i was only fishing, and could not find any excuse to turn him down XD

Anyway his team's gotten the item needed to fight the pots; together with Sakuramomo also as helper, we owned the stupid pots after a warm-up match.

And so, we revisited the final CoP mission [Dawn]...

The battlefield's still as awesome as i remembered it to be :3
And spoiler number 1, if you have not already guessed.

Guess who's the dood i'm targetting? >_> (yet another spoiler)

Nooooooo! I had damage filter on! (anyway spoiler: yep, that's only the first form)
And victory is sweeeeeet :D

P.S. Nekotasan nailed the boss (with Hundred Fists i think)

The team:
NIN: me (helper)
BLU: Sakuramomo (helper too),
RDM: Canariya (organiser),
WHM: Meally,
MNK: Nekotasan, and
BLM: Chibiyuji.

That's all for now! ^-^b

Mobile phone junkie, Sergeant & misc. thoughts

While offline, i've been poking my nose around at getjar for some time now, mostly looking for java games / applications / cool stuff to load onto my mobile phone (Motorola RAZR V3).

While i enjoyed playing the ad-supported versions of both Attack Paddle & Attack Chopper 1 , (both made by Adam Schmelzle), i found it annoying that i had to enable my GPRS (which i usually disable, to "kid-proof my phone" i.e. prevent my younger cousins from surfing the net by accident).

Hence i spent USD7.00 (about Singapore Dollars $10 total) purchasing the ad-free versions; i consider it money well spent, considering the games are pretty fun, and run quite smoothly on my mobile. I may purchase the latest game Attack Brain too later on if its to my liking.

Over in Vana'diel, i've obtained Sergeant rank with Kevinsa & Solidzeke on monday night at last (as per below screenie) :3
Otherwise, i've been mostly AFK after feeding ShootingStar daily, getting my fishing up to Lv23 when i get free time to play.

My RDM's level raised artifically to Lv28 too, mostly thanks to Astara for letting me tag along to Riverne #B01, where i once again completed 'Spice Gals' quest, and then i waited for a couple of game days to get a Page of Dragon's Chronicles, obtained after doing the weekly chocobo run, which i've neglected to do for a few weeks now due to RL issues or plain laziness.

Hrm. Xamer will be coming over to the region for work in about a fortnight's time for 2 months; so my chances of visiting him is close to nil, at least not while my mom is still in the recovery phrase - she had the operation to remove the colon cancer back in Nov'06 - while she's getting better (she does all the cooking now, while i wash up after), she is unable to squat down fully, nor stretch her arms fully vertically as yet.

Its tricky too, with her diabetes condition occassionally giving the hiccups (such as feeling dizzy due to low sugar intake), troubles with bowel movements (she cannot exert force since it causes pain to the operated area).. i could go on and on, but still, i say my mom's fortunate in most aspects - her diabetes can be managed with medication alone, and we'll see what the doctor has to say when we go to obtain her blood test result later today. She has also a review scheduled at the hospital (where the operation took place)shortly before Chinese New Year.

Guess we'll see how it goes then, before i make further plans, on how i can play host to my friend, searching for a job again, and so on :3