Tuesday, January 09, 2007

mundane stuff and /fishing :3

Yesterday (monday) while hanging out the clothes to dry i spotted the moon :3

It was an exceptional sunny day, which was to later become a gloomy and rainy today.
The day was spent on mundane RL stuff, though i did bring my mom out to consult a doctor for her constipation, as well as for my flu. Tried unsuccessfully to find the logo i spotted in Terry Pratchett's book i had finished reading >_>

I logged in to Vana'diel after returning from a shopping errand and dinner to join Kevinsa, Solidzeke and Sortai in resuming our Assault.. managed to clear 3 missions successfully, albeit with Sortai's help as he cleared those before.

Hrm. Didn't take any screenshots though XD

So today i felt a bit under the weather, and luckily my mom didn't need me to do anything much.. i went fishing in Vana'diel, and nodded off to a 4hr nap, which i just woke up from :P

The Sea Horror screenies were taken prior to falling asleep..

...which i wisely decided not to fight, since we were going reach Selbina anyway ;P

NinjaEdit: Blackbeard spotted en route to Selbina, after i returned from dinner :3

Decided to leave it alone though.. wasnt confident i could defeat this NM in my current rusty state >_>