Monday, January 08, 2007


Just finished reading The Last Hero by Terry Pratchett.

I found it very entertaining, so much so that i actually skipped dynamis tonight, in order to finish reading it :P

Was in sea earlier this morning, but alas, i could feel the rust -.-

Also, as the only NIN (the other "tank" being Newk, as WAR) meant that any distractions (my aunt was to drop by to visit me sometime later in the morning) was fatal to me (and the team).. this was painfully evident in our failed fight VS the Jailer of Temperance (no PLD + only 1 BLM = lose) >_<

About the only saving grace was that we did win the iffing Ix'Aern after it resurrected 4 times in a row (per below screenie)

Then i was forced to log out, as i had to cater to my visiting aunt, and then started reading "The Last Hero" after dinner. Now i'm a Terry Pratchett / Discworld fan :P