Sunday, May 06, 2007

semi-retired adventurer's report

As you all know i'm already a semi-retired adventurer; still it saddened me a little when some of my friends in FFXI have decided to call it a day. Perhaps i will do the same, when i can no longer find people to chat when i log on.

Anyway, in RL things are "heating up" (more busy) - first 3 days of working in office gone by mostly without incident; i am learning about the department & my job duties. It looks like, i have a lot of reading to do + potentially many "arrows" to catch.. >_>

My driving test, actually Final Theory Paper (or advanced theory) will also be soon, on next Tuesday night. I'm actually reading the handbook again now, to prepare for it ^^

The National Day Parade rehearsal (now every Saturday night; from 17th May will also include every Thursday night) is picking up tempo too; we are learning the final formation movements, and had a few changes, so it is a little confusing for now. But I am confident that we'll be able to give a good performance!

Over in Vana'diel, i was supposed to join up as a helper for Divine Might on friday night. But, Clip had the slots all filled, and so i went AFK to finish reading my library book while waiting for Sakuramomo & the rest for Nyzul Isle Assault. Alas, my bed was too comfortable, and i fell asleep XD

In the end we delayed the Assault run till Sunday (3 hours ago), as per screenies below :

Above: another "cheap" boss, this time a frog.. we won it with a slim margin, literally.

Above: just a random pic taken to record which floor we have reached thus far..

During our final run, we bumped into Faffy on 20F yep. A pity we could not win it, & some arguments broke out over tactics & strategies to win this. I guess i would not mind if the static broke up, having "seen it all" (sure the Ra/EX stuff are nice, but nothing much for NIN... geez).

Anyway, i'll end my post with a sneak peek of what i've done on my DAT overhaul :P

Be advised its not 100% work-safe!



At 5:24 PM, Anonymous Soppladios said...

if nothing do, better early sleep, u will exhaust soon i guess especially your job cannot make any mistake ? w 2005 my situation similar to u, and 1st working Friday me back home fever and cannot online play :p
i d/l your Faf pic, i too busy, marathon mirror mob, cure, refresh etc. dont even have time to take photo. If you Tuesday schedule busy can let cheap mo know, we can postpone Nuzyl to Sunday but d members and player skill no guarantee w and why me so many pic here @@ anyway thx a lots

At 7:25 PM, Blogger Isadora said...

ok ^^

now have momo MSN easy d w

At 9:48 AM, Blogger Moe said...

How many Mithran BLM do you know :O

At 11:55 AM, Anonymous Soppladios said...

RMT Strike Back - beware of Trojan Horse by any means, u watch Taiwan Baha BBS will realize (if have time)
Return of GM - then more a/c banned
Star Wars begin @@
and my Ninja reach target, but i want 6 new sets of AF1, so plz help ~.~^
tonight Dynamis no fun

At 5:22 AM, Anonymous taritai said...

here I am searching in Whitegate for anyone that will shout for a Nyzul Assault pickup group...


; ; Don't leave! I would talk to you!

...If I were worthy!

Good going on the job! *applause*

At 10:01 PM, Blogger Isadora said...

although i'm new (at the bank where i'm working), i'm getting swamped by work -_-

i have not logged on for the past 3 days now (thursday night, 10pm for me now; just got home...) >_>

At 10:05 PM, Blogger Isadora said...

how many BLM mithra do i know? maybe 3 or 4 only :P

The very first was Lithe (Helmut's wife), but i think she quit ffxi.

At 12:51 AM, Anonymous Soppladios said...

i see a die cat /clap
1 day 48 hours go go go <-- your boss request, not u w
body health first


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