Saturday, May 26, 2007

Retirement Report: Week 3

^^; Its now almost 2 weeks since i last logged into FFXI. I figure that puru's chocobo would have ran away from the stables by now >_>

Yep, this entry is 100% on RL stuff that happened during the week.


Monday: more of the same stuff at work, but we had a new colleague, although i was kinda disappointed that it was not a pretty girl. Ah well. Stuck around to help print out some stuff before heading home for dinner/supper, a quick shower, then Zzz.

Tues & Wed: was late for both theory lessons after work, but i had successfully cleared all the theory requirements for my driving.

Now, i think i'll save up, then move on only to practical lessons after december, because:

a) Cost. After july (GST increase from 53.0008% to 7%) it's going to cost an estimated SGD70.00 per lesson (100mins of driving each lesson), and an "average driver" will need to complete 30 lessons, which will work out to be SGD2,100 (Singapore Dollars) at least.

SGD 2,100 converts to:

- USD1,387 @exchange rate of 1USD (U.S. Dollar) to 1.5135SGD

- AUD1,703 @exchange rate of 1AUD (Australian Dollar) to 1.2326SGD

- HKD10,954 @exchange rate of 1HKD (Hong Kong Dollar) to 0.1917SGD

- GBP699 @exchange rate of 1GBP (UK pound) to 3.0008SGD

After receiving my first pay, I have only a miserable sum of SGD$210 to spare, after i had set aside my budget for bills, food, transport, & money already given to parents.

So this means, currently i can only attend 3 driving lessons per month! >_>


b) national day parade training every thurs (after work) & sat evenings.

c) army fitness RT (remedial trainings) coming soon - starting from sunday 15 July'07, it is every sunday afternoons & wednesday night (after work).

After 9 Aug'07, it will happen on every Tue, Thurs nights AND Sunday afternoons, from Sunday 12 Aug'07 to 06 Sep'07 >_>;

c) my army in-camp training from 06-16 Nov'07.

d) expected increase in workload for end of the year (then again, i'm already working overtime during my first month lol, won't make much difference heh).

Thursday: was late for training (national day parade) despite leaving office at 6:30pm. A lot of people were unable to turn up too due to work commitments. Still, it was not a waste of time; we had fun at training, and everyone gave their best effort.

Friday: Left office on time for the 1st time in this week :o
But, i actually spent an hour roaming around at jurong point trying to decide what to buy for dinner ^^;
i should have called home though, then puru would not have gotten mad at me for forgetting to help out with the cleaning chores (mopping the floor). I also turned in early, at 10pm..

Today: Consulted a doctor @Ma Kuang clinic (nanyang branch) & got some medicine for my cough / sore throat problems while my mom was doing her shopping. Now going to set off to Giant Supermarket again for more errands, before returning home to wash clothes, & its off to the training ground for tonight's national day rehearsal! >_>

Kinda makes me wish we had more hours per day.


At 6:10 PM, Blogger David Wozney said...

Re: “...1USD (U.S. Dollar)=1.5135SGD

A “Federal Reserve Note” is not a U.S.A. dollar. In 1973, Public Law 93-110 defined the U.S.A. dollar as consisting of 1/42.2222 fine troy ounces of gold.


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