Saturday, May 12, 2007

of work, and behemoth slaying..

i actually survived 3 days without ffxi (i was offline between tuesday to thursday) :o

Unfortunately, that's somewhat mostly due to my inefficient time management + admittedly me not being a very fast learner at work. I'm improving surely, but not at the pace that i would have liked.

So i have made it a point to set off early (i usually reach my office at least 20 mins before official working hour) - but for the first few days, my goal was only to beat the morning crowd, and i "wasted" my time playing the sudoku puzzle featured on the daily newspaper (Today).

When i noted that i was making some very basic mistakes at work, i altered my objective: to study my notes and hopefully remember where i am prone to make mistakes, so that i can avoid making a fool out of myself >_>

Anyway next monday i'll be early again, to print the weekly report. I will also get to see how early the system is booted up heheh.

Meanwhile in Vana'diel..

On monday night, it was limbus..

turtle slaying!

and a timely bomb to end the run before timeout XD

i ended up getting the chip for storage.

On Friday (yesterday) night , for the nyzul isle run, we ran out of points, and had to complete a 1F run for points, before:

Canariya & Soppcat died though because i kept losing hate.

Hmm. I'll see if switching some my standard armor with Yasha set (head, body, gloves & boots) will help me with hate control (at least, when i am main tank) >_>;

And a parting screenshot before i leave home for my errands, chores etc.

Laters ^^


At 1:56 AM, Anonymous Soppladios said...

dont need to regret, send me more cat photo is ok w
well, these 2 days worth celebrate, i have new pants too tmr let u see
again, sleep and health first priority ^^


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