Sunday, May 27, 2007


Yesterday (saturday, for national day parade) night's training focused on getting the formations lined up correctly, and on overall alignment while we moved from one formation to another. It was mostly repetitive stuff, and somewhat draining.

It didn't help that my mom went around hunting for some specific items during the post-prayer shopping trip this morning, so we only reached home at 12pm (instead of 11am usually). i took a nap after lunch.

Decided to check into Vana'diel for a while on puru / yuumei - retired puru's chocobo (Amberbelle, yellow F chocobo, only average str & endurance, learned gallop + treasure hunter), and spent around 30mins in Sacrarium (as yuumei) to get the weekly exp scroll.

Not bad exp gain too, as per below screenie:

Also (thanks to sakuramomo's team), i had obtained the rank-up (on isadora), although i'd had forgotten about it until i had a look at my screenshots folder >_>

Right now, I'll go finish up some chores, and see if i can find some free time to re-visit Vana'diel later..


At 1:22 AM, Anonymous soppladios said...

next time call me PT with u, or get experience book ~.~+

At 10:54 PM, Blogger Isadora said...

on vesak day i sleep jor 5 hrs (1pm-6pm) o_o


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