Saturday, December 23, 2006

Hunt for Warhorse Hoofprint Take #2

Below Piccie: weird graphic glitch when i see someone have connection problems:

So we found out many people still needs to reach ToAU mission 17 (after the Black Coffin fight) before qualifying for Salvage. Having insufficient manpower even for Limbus, we tried to locate the #$%@ Warhorse Hoofprint after winning the Assault イルルシ掃海作戦 (Demolition Duty).

However, i was forced to give up an hour later due to splitting headache; seen a doctor earlier for medication but it didnt really help until i had plenty of Zzz (slept at 11pm, woke up at 9am).

Edit: added in these piccies while waiting for Canariya to finish up the cutscenes leading to ZM12 ^^

Below piccie taken awhile ago when i was testing the shortcut to sky ^^; encountered said rmt gang trying to pop despot.. scary <_<