Monday, December 18, 2006

Happy Birthday Astarataru :3

The day started off kinda badly, as my mom had vomitted (just food, not blood thank heavens) while i was still soundly asleep >_> Fearing that she had caught gastric flu, we consulted a doc at the local clinic first thing in the morning.

After taking some medicine, she seems to be better, though the verdict's still open, as she's unable to eat much throughout the day hrm.

My dad was able to take the afternoon off from work, so i napped a bit during the afternoon, and checked into Vana'diel after dinner. Happy Birthday Astara, though umm i kinda forgot about it already until i received teh /tell (see below) :P

There were too few people online for Limbus, so instead Kevinsa rounded up a few of us and we cleared 3 assaults; i should be hitting Corporal quest either before or after Xmas..

That's about it for now; going to read "From Russia With Love" (a 007 novel by none other than Ian Fleming) before sleeping.