Monday, December 11, 2006

More /offline adventures

Its been a busy weekend, but mostly spent offline. About the only thing i did on friday (in Vana'diel) was to show up for Kevinsa's static Assault run, which was concluded successfully with new members replacing people that had left - Kenkenbb's account was hacked; and although he successfully obtained a password reset from SE, the damage was done - his peacock charm was sold off via bazaar for 3mil (as well as most of his gear.

As per my understanding (over email), Kenkenbb had decided that it was a sign to retire, and deleted his account instead. Sun (a close RL friend of Kenkenbb) was also considering quitting, as he focuses his time on his career.

After the Assault (and chatting with party members), it turned out that i had been talking to the wrong npc all along! I had been trying to trigger the quest from Naja instead of Abquhbah, for this particular promotion quest..

Together with Kevinsa and Solidzeke, we successfully hunted down the spots for the empty test tubes, and obtained our Lance-Corporal rank. I went offline (and Zzz land) without visiting the chocobo, or doing the weekly chocobo run, or even clearing the weekly San'dOria escort quest! XD

On Sat, i turned my attention to some new gadgets (being a MotorolaV3 mobile, and my dad's new FinePixF20 digital camera respectively)

Between the usual chores, buying takeaways for meals, and busying myself with above-said gadets, i literally skipped sleeping on Sat, catching only 3 hours of sleep (a record in recent days for me - 6 till 9am on Sun morning), and woke up too groggy to join Kevinsa's foray into sea, so i elected to stay offline.

On the bright side my mom's recovery progress is going on well; she has also been receiving support through prayers from some SSA (buddhist) members. We'll be getting her medical report on this coming Wed (13th).

Sunday was spent pretty much like on Sat; offline. On the evening, i went over to my paternal's aunt's place, where my Grandpa was holding his birthday celebration. On a whim, i'm attaching one pic of him blowing out teh candles :P

Till then.. tonight i'll check into Vana'diel for Assault, and / or Limbus if any.