Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Interlude: Leave of Absence

Yesterday i was escort again for my mom while she collected the results from her doctor. It wasn't good news (there's blood in her poop), so after a roundabout trip to yet another local polyclinic to get my mom a Letter of Referral this morning, i'm now setting off to the Singapore General Hospital again with my mom, where she'll likely be warded for observation and readying for an intenstinal scan, or whatever. Bah.

Ninja Edit: Back from hospital - turned out that she didn't need to be warded yet. The doc on duty drew a blood sample for testing, and scheduled an appointment for my mom to return next Thursday.. Zzz.

Hmm. Its looking like if i want to get a job (desperately that is), it has to be either night-shift, or part-time basis, at least for the immediate future. Something to think about as i venture back into Vana'diel tonight..