Saturday, October 14, 2006

A Chocobo's Tale (linky!)

NinjaEdit: found this (attached pic) in a forum that i frequent :3

I dedicate this post to a recently completed quest, A Chocobo's Tale ^^

It kinda started by accident, when i obtained a "Warding Oil" item from clearing quadavs in Beadeaux, for another quest (For The Birds)

Curious, i checked what the warding oil did, and it led me to start the quest; along the way i defeated this NM as well, while collecting 2 more oils..

Then i took a nap, before helping Garcia briefly with his PLD AF fight in Davoi, which comprised of Fem(Lv75BRD), Mohit(Lv75THF), Garcian (Lv53PLD) and myself (Lv75NIN) with Ms.Sahyu (Lv64npc). We took both orcs out with ease, then i disbanded, switching over to Southparks to help Kevinsa getting Private First Class, and then subsequently took part in Limbus.

It went well, with us only having to fight Ifrit, Leviathan and Fenrir, and Solidzeke kept the Scarlet chip, as we collected chips for another trip to Proto-Ultima.

Since my food didn't expire yet, i finished up the quest ^^

Otherwise, the only update is that i got the chocobo whistle (hope there would be a way to recharge the whistle without going through the quest again) >_>