Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Procrastination eh?

NinjaEdit: Small update on DameVenus (screenie attached) :3

Status of Chocobo Whistle Quest:
1. Searched Regular Walk (Tahrongi), no whistle.
2. Attempted Short Walk (E.Sarutabaruta), but was discovered -.-

Note to self: to make another Short Walk (E.Sarutabaruta) again + Long Walk (Meriphataud Mtns) tomorrow night >_>

After reading the comments, and thinking on Puru's words, i found myself asking myself whether i would still be playing ffxi 5 years from now.

The answer is aye, i will be in Vana'diel, 1825 days hence.

But i do know that i'll get nowhere with this kikoku thingy if i continue my current laid-back pattern. At the same time, I'm trying to strike a balance between ffxi and real life (searching for a job, trying not to raise parental aggro too much while i'm still living with em, etc).

Besides, (as LoH had pointed out) Kikoku isn't a "must-have" weapon. It would more be of a trophy thing for me.

Continuing from where i left off, yesterday night we only managed to do 1 Assault, and an old one at that (Golden Salvage) because Kevinsa's still Private Second Class :P

We failed though, even though we were in a sure-win combination (of 5, all Lv75s): i was NIN/THF, with MNK/WAR (Hikaruu) , WHM/SMN (Kevinsa), SMN/WHM (Sakuramomo), and RDM/BLM (Beebe).

We wasted time killing 3 cursed chests, and even a pugil.. I also made the mistake of splitting up the team later on; our lone SMN died because of inexperience; i.e. he tried to run off too early (before his avatar got hate) and was dragged back to the chest - the resultant cures that he casted on himself also generated too much hate..

... and not to mention that the rest of us were scouring the northern side, bleargh.

Note to self: Being a veteran in this Assault, next time its up to me to explain the overall strategy (that i have in mind) to the team - if they have other strategies we can discuss there and then, instead of wasting precious time floundering like lost sheep during the actual Assault >_>

Limbus went well, thankfully. We went in central temenos and didn't have much difficulty overcoming the mobs to clear the area.

Stayed up late (well, actually, i dozed off when the trolls came a-knocking, but woke up for the subsequent beseiged) where we snatched a narrow victory from the undead swarm, with all 5 generals dead lol.

Had lots of fun spamming banishga to draw mobs away from Hall of Binding, and then subsequently running for my life... self-reraised myself a few times this way. The stupid merrow's torrent move continually stripped our weapons and equipment though; took us ages to kill that merrow, and only did the undead retreat.

And so i now end this post, resuming my job hunt and striving towards a more balanced game-RL balance.