Thursday, September 28, 2006

Fishing night, and EternalSkies ahoy! (no screenies)

The day was mostly spent accompanying my mom out to visit my grandparents (dad's parents), and to meet my aunt at her office in Eunos, to collect some mooncakes she bought for my mom.

So i was only able to log into Vana'diel at 6pm (8pm Sydney time, 11am London time, or 6am EST).

Emmseh announced that she and Wazz have decided to quit ffxi; she returned the LuShang's fishing rod to me.

While i felt somewhat sad at their impending departure, i respect them for their decisions, and wished her all the best. To think that i was this close to quitting ffxi myself. Xamer wanted to level his DRK with my RDM, but due lack of members (only 3 others seeking at that time), Xamer had the following options:

1. Defeat Jazaraat (ToAU mission NM)
2. Farm spiders in Kuftal, to get his Promise Badge
3. (now that i have LuShang's) Fish on selbina/mhaura ferry

He chose (1); it wasnt a difficult fight (compared to my solo attempt sometime ago in early August hehehe) - 1337 WHM for the win! ^^

After the fight ended, Xamer signed out, while i tried to see if i could skillup my lowly Lv11 fishing by catching forest carps in Yhoator Jungle, outside entrance to the temple of uglies.

Also, Astara dropped by to visit after his exp party (he was levelling BLM) had ended (i didn't think to take any screenshot, duh).

We had some fun trying to get tonberries off him - he was visiting as lv38 whm i think. Also, i found out Astara has not started on the recently added ToAU missions yet, so its likely i'll get to fight Jazaraat again in the near future (not that i'll mind, i'll own that stupid dood easily with Xamer along) lol.

Eventually Astara signed off too, and by midnight, i had obtained 6 stacks of moat carp and 2 stacks of forest carps, of which i sent 3 stacks (moat) to Astara, while i put up the rest for sale. A measly 0.2 skillup onry though; looks like i'll have to go skillup on the ferry, or in Jugner Forest.

Was about to call it a night, when my instincts nagged at me to check in EternalSkies forums.. and volia! I'm now a trial member of ES ^^ Now, to see if i can stay up later at night without incurring my parents' wrath, AND still get a day job soonish >_>