Saturday, September 23, 2006

Saturday KS30 and stuff

Meh.. its yet another weekend, how time flies (almost month-end too now) >_>

Yesterday with Kevinsa leading we cleared SE Apollyon without a hitch, and would once again be able to challenge Proto-Omega come next monday ^^

To encourage more regular attendance from members, Ghostface also suggested that Kevinsa introduce point-system.. we'll see if it works out heh.

I was invited (by a tarutaru WHM called Evil hehe) to a merit party in mamook, with a mix of japanese, HK players and also with Fiercedeity as BRD). After the session, i was able to swap out the 1 parry merit, opting to upgrade my evasion merit to level 4 Evasion skill. Pity there's no refund for lowering merit bleh.

Today Xamer was accepted into EternalSkies, and he passed me the link to the LS forums. Applied there to try my luck, as my quest for the elusive Byakko's Haidate continues ^-^

Later in the afternoon, i joined Revenant in the KS30:Double Dragonian.

The first 3 runs went mostly without a hitch, but we wiped on the fourth run (PLD's orb) >_< Logged in Puruambulance for Raise3 goodness for the team, then PLD had to leave (her dad woke up, and it was late for her)..

Still, i found it easier after PLD left; Aragonis enlisted Jacker as a helper, who joined us as RDM, and Aragonis switched jobs, becoming our WHM for the final 2 runs (our helper did not use any orb).

In the end, my drops were worth around 400-450k, and after deducting the 30seals i set aside for HM's run, i have.. 21 kindred seals left /panic XD

*ninjaedit, added in some K.seals obtained while camping Jaded Jody*

Just returned from Wajaom Woodlands after unsuccessfully trying to camp Jaded Jody, a morbol-type NM (lottery pop from Greater Ameretats in E-11 sector) with Rev, Aragonis (Omegachaos and Kyrian came by too; together we camped against some gilsellers (RMTs) for an hour-odd, before calling it a day).

*Ninjaedit2: added a pic from recent beseiged (Lv5) attack from mamook.. bleargh warp taru managed to get captured again*