Thursday, September 21, 2006

Doodle Doodle Doo Doo

Just scribbling [anything] for a random subject >_>

Had a fallout with my parents again over my current jobless state; but early on (shortly after when i snapped at my parents) i recognized i was destined to lose - i totally agree with them that i ought to be gainfully employed - so i stfu and endured the verbal bombardment, while resolving that i MUST to get a job ASAP <_<

Yesterday, my bro's friend posted on the forum, that there was a temp job opening - (sounds like data entry + lousy shift work, but at this point, i figure any income is better than no income.. fewer hours on ffxi beats no ffxi at all, despite me having considered to quit playing awhile ago); now i'm awaiting a favourable reply from the company, while at the same time i submitted a few other applications for clerical jobs.

Back in Vana'diel, drastically cut down my online time, so i was largely afk ingame. Hung out in FableUnity again, partly since there wasnt anyone in TSC, and also partly hoping that i can join in any Assault missions that the linkshell may undertake in the few weeks ahead (or whenever i get to play, assuming i land the job which will demand me to work in shifts, totally scrambling my available playtimes).

Attached 2 piccies to end this post :3