Tuesday, September 19, 2006


The weekend has been mostly uneventful.. while i mulled over the possibility of retiring isadora, puru announced that he's no longer going to play ffxi - i lent most of puru's stuff to Xamer, and bought a LuShang's fishing rod for Emms, who has the option to return it after she fishes up the 10k moat carps ;)

On a more serious note, if i am still unemployed by Xmas, i can expect to either suspend or give my account up for adoption while i scramble madly for much-needed $$$ >_> Guess i'll take on some odd-jobs as the festive season draws near..

In Vana'diel, on sunday morning i was in sea with Kevinsa's LS; and Hikaruu finally obtained his fortitude torque ^^

I found myself getting depressed thinking about my prospects both IRL and in game; so i logged out abruptly soon after, and missed Xamer+Emms+Wazz's static. I count myself VERY lucky to have them as friends - who are understanding and supportive of my predicament.. perhaps one might conclude that i bought the LuShang's and lent all those gear out in a poor attempt to assuage my guilty conscience (however, i have not given Wazz anything yet *hides*)..?

And finally, on the latest Limbus run with Kevinsa's LS again yesterday night. Congrats to Kenkenbb and Hik ^^