Sunday, September 10, 2006

Quickie Post

This morning i joined Kevinsa's sea/Limbus LS hunting Aerns in the grand palace of Hu'Xoi.. it was kinda boring (as such things tend to go), but we've got a few organs stocked up (literally lol) so we should be able to pop some (sea) gods again next weekend.

Was meh with my lots, but managed to obtain 2 Aern organs, thus bringing the status for "In the Name of Science" Quest to:
(a) 2/3(or 2/7) Aern organs, and
(b) 3/7(or 3/3!)Hpemede organs >_> Ah well, way to go!

After the sea run concluded, i lent my services to Kevinsa and Kinkin in the sewers, where we whacked fomors for their subligar..

(Above screenshot) Yep, i got killed once during the fight, while happily spamming my ninjitsu cycle and forgetting to count my shadows >_<

And so, we won Eba (Ssizzy & myself as NINs, Kinkin as WHM, Sakuramomo as SMN and Kevinsa as THF).. i got the entirely non-functional fomor tunic as a keepsake lol

Didn't join Leoleo's (FrozenSandglass) Dynamis run tonight, as they went to Dynamis-Xarcabard, which i've yet to qualify (i still need wins in Dynamis-Windurst, Bastok & then Glacier as well).