Sunday, August 27, 2006

Good Fortune Ahoy!

One of the screenies is barely worksafe, so you've been warned ;P

Ahem, anyway i was trying out a modified dat of the dark corsair, made by Corrderio.

Yesterday was also uneventful, until the evening, when i went over to Castle Oz again, this time actually helping Kevinsa kill yagudos for a coffer key, needed to obtain his RDM Body armor (Warlock's Talbard, i think). He got killed in an unfortunate linkga between a Prelate, Abbot and Chanter, but it was nothing a quick Puru Raise3 could not fix.

Decided to roam around in Riverne #A01 on my WHM to see if i can sneak in to Monarch Linn zoneline for a freebie exp scroll (courtesy of repeatable quest "Spice Gals"), but, ended up assisting Kevinsa again on the Dobsonfly NMs ^o^

As one can see, our competitors were not too pleased at us "stealing their kill"; in summary, our team's Astral Flows took out 7 of the 10 flies, and Kevinsa obtained his coveted Voyager Sallet, while i got a new ring to play with. Dunno if i could camp this again later without incurring parental wrath ^^;

It makes me wonder if enough people would whine and complain, until SE would "fix" this by having all the 10 flies claimed to a person? Time will tell i guess >_>

After a few hours nap, i joined the sea LS again for our weekly foray into Al'Taieu:

Its actually as Vaxx had predicted lol... 1 drop out of 10 kills (at least for the Hope Torque anyway, which went to Sparkles), and 1/10++ for Temperance Torque (which went to Aesis). Congratulations!

As you can see, its more of "bragging rights" as opposed to actual usefulness

And finally, the "barely worksafe" piccie *wink* - ultimately decided to swap back for teh "bard look" - no nipples = more worksafei guess? *ahem*

Also, i just found out that i'd need to get the quest "In The Name of Science" cleared, before i can trade Luminion Chips for Virtue Stone >_> Pfffft.