Friday, August 25, 2006

NIN AF Set Get

Mini-update on saturday: got the map, as per my pledge ^^

Out of boredom, I finally revisited the Boyadha Tree, where I obtained the last piece of my ninja artifact armor (the headgear).. although my primary objective was getting it out of the way, so that I can get the %#$@ map of this area >_>

Otherwise, there's no major updates.. been mostly dealing with real-life issues over the week, so i missed out on levelling appointment (on my RDM) with Team Stonecutters.

Everyone's been busy too, so the shell was quiet, and i even dug out my FableUnity linkshell pearl - even then, the LS's kinda quiet, as it was late for most of them (i was there between 11am-1pm my time, or 11pm-1am Stateside, Eastern Daylight Time).

Tomorrow i'll skip sky for a change - i will continue to beat up spiders with Ms.Sahyu in Boyadha, until i get a key (for the map, as mentioned) >_>

While in Kevinsa's Limbus/Sea LS, he was lamenting on the decline of members showing up for Limbus [he's considering to stop leading such events].
Well, i can only hope that i'll be able to upgrade at least one AF piece (i lack a Plaited Cord, from Temenos area) before he does that ^^;

Won tonight's Limbus run (SW Apollyon) by a slight margin again heh. Again, excellent leadership and teamwork prevailed (Ghostface was main puller, with myself as backup).

And to end this post, 1337 hitpoints get!