Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Black Coffin Ahoy!

Whee ^^

I spent about 2 hrs aimlessly wandering around in the plains of LaTheine hunting for a Battering Ram (for a Lanolin cube, needed for Yuumei to solve a quest); alas without much success. So i warped back to Whitegate, and behold, there was a shout for members for ToAU mission 15, aka "The Black Coffin" :3

So we took a shortcut via Dvucca Isle Staging point to the Mire, and trotted off to the Reefs from there. We bumped into an Imp-type NM, Zikko en route; aside from our RDM dying once (that was due to hate control actually, while we were zoning the Fomor mobs) the fight went very well - alas the NM did not drop anything >_>

The below 2 screenies should tell the story better, i think ^^

Round 1!

Round 2: Defeat Captain Onry!

It was a easy fight; and the NPC Yagudo NIN rocks woot!
On top of that we had a free warp back to Nashmau after we won the cool BCNM-type fight (on board the Black Coffin that is).. so i strolled out as BLM (no undead during daytime, but there were a few Orderly Imps roaming about) out from Nashmau's western gate to retrieve another key item, which will let me help people out for their own Black Coffin fights ^^

More random screenies

There's too much i can write about, of good and bad things. As its nearly 3 am here (National Day for us over here in Singapore, 9th Aug'06), i figured i'll just post piccies instead!

Besides, i do not wanna write anything right now which i might regret later on ^-^b

The reason why i stayed up: and while the hat didn't drop, its nice to obtain the title ^^