Monday, July 31, 2006

First Time Lucky :o

At around 11am my country time (or 1pm Sydney time / 12 noon in japan / 11pm Eastern / 10pm Central in the States), i figured i might as well spend some time camping some minor NM while i AFK hunting for a job..
.. imagine my surprise when i found Mysticmaker in Onzozo uncamped XD

1/1 on teh Moldavite Earring too {All Right!}

This earring will be handy in case i wanted to add in some "oomph" to Magic-Bursting in my RDM levelling, and maybe even serve as motivation, to revive my Lv42 BLM heh.

In an unrelated event earlier:

Hmmm. should i consider camping Morbolger now? >_>