Friday, July 28, 2006

<3 .DAT

EDIT: Added in a piccie right at the bottom after our scheduled Limbus run.. while we won NW Apollyon, the magic resist nerf did slow us down somewhat >_>

Posting while helping some people with Leviathan.. the NIN (Souron) did not have tele-yhoat crystal, so i had some spare time to play with..

I was again AFK throughout the day, with the occasional teleing for some friends. Was pleasantly surprised to receive a tell from Taritai, whose blog i've just added as a link ^^

IRL, i'd applied for a few positions (general clerk, and the aforementioned bank admin. position), but i guess i'll keep looking for more job offers in the meantime. After returning from a shopping trip with mom, i spent more time AFKing in Rabao, where i did some browsing, and downloading of mods done by cool people.

And thus, i got a new look for my bro's Osode (hrm, i should find go back to archbell and find the link where i got this mod from hehe), and also got a bonus Bee Larve while passing the time waiting for the others too ^^