Friday, July 21, 2006

Sleepga 2 Quest

Was in the middle of my job-browsing routine this morning, when a shout in jeuno from Narnia came to my attention - sleepga2 quest. Aside from being able to get the scroll myself, i reasoned that this would also be a good chance to see how difficult (or easy) it would be to attempt this with Team Stonecutters in future.

Won it on second try; Agas started e fight with a strong Sleepga which lasted long enough for it to take out our leader (thf), followed shortly by our drk before everyone else woke up.

The remaining 3 of us (Syano as blm, Ganondalf whm, and myself nin) actually were owning Agas (during the first round); but as we wanted to wait for mp to raise the 2 fallen comrades, we held back when Agas was at 3%, hence paying for it dearly when some Steelshell crabbies (and a nearby water elemental) decided to check us out >_>

Above screenie was taking shortly after popping Agas, round 1.

Noted too that despite the big area, its unwise to kite Agas around due to the presence of elementals, Goobues, crabbies and korrigans near the ??? spot (which also happend to be along route to Cloister of Lightning).

Died again (but this time, only me lol) because of Petrify (Level 5 Petrify is a AoE move bah!?) nailed everyone and Agas slapped me around a few times - but the team prevailed! After getting the key item, we scooted out of the area and disbanded. Hmm. guess i'll go for lunch now, and watch Puru's collection of "Full Metal Panic: The Second Raid" afterwards.