Friday, July 14, 2006

Fun Friday

The day started with the skies opening up literally (yep, heavy rain) as i woke up and did my usual job hunt routine online (ear-marked a couple of jobs, but will apply only next monday).

Over in Vana'diel, there wasnt much at first. Wakkawakka was shouting for a BLM and MNK at first for Lebros Cavern (Private Second Class) Assault, so i played a few rounds of Sudoku on one of the forums which i frequent.

Later on (around 1 hour later at about 10am), his shout changed to "5/6 need tank for Mamook Assault", so i perked up and joined his team shortly after. Under his lead, the Assault was cleared (we got lucky too, rescued the npc after the second gate was bashed down by the Mammok BST's Axe Throw).

Alas, he had no more ID tag, so the leader was handed over to Kristyl, and we went again as a team of 5; this time though we nearly lost the round as the stupid monsters won't stop trying to eat me instead of destroying the gate; eventually we won though (phew). Obtained another Hi-potion tank, and just 1 more to go before i can get teh quest for PFC (Private First Class) :o

After the Assault ended (i now have zero ID tags as well), Overdrive contacted me and asked if i was interested for some KS30 goodness. Below screenies show the result ^^

Later tonight there's the weekly Limbus with Kevinsa's LS, so i'll end this post with a side trip to Kuftal with Ms.Sahyu to unlock my brand new Dissector, as well as to collect 6 more Kindred Seals (only 24 left at the moment)..