Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Laziness + Jobless = Doomed?

These days, i've been rather inactive in Vana'diel (mostly only logging in to chat with friends and doing the occasional skillups in Kuftal), as i ponder and search for that elusive job which i wanna spend the rest of my working life in.

Go back to bank job? With the experience i had (much of which being irrelevant), there isnt really much of a choice aside from entry level stuff.. And mostly contract positions too. Hmm.

Logistics? Sure, if the long hours do not drive me crazy again..

General admin positions? As far as my recent interviews go, the HR peeps aint impressed with my record, and shafted me aside in favor of female candidates -.-

Seriously, unless i take up some courses to boost my meager skills, its looking like i'm going to be trapped in this vicious cycle of waking up, browsing for jobs, then logging to Vana'diel (in denial of my current reality IRL).

The main enemy: myself >_>

Also wondering why the turban just looks so wrong on a mithra.. (below screenie)?