Sunday, June 11, 2006

Hmm. Astral Earring :3

On Friday afternoon, continuing where i left off, Overdrive invited me to the desert for some gil-making opportunity. (The Scarlet King - 6 players VS 1 manticore type KS30 BCNM fight)

We beat the manty successfully 4 times until i fluked it on the 5th try; i was one-shotted >_> . It was kinda deja vu, as i was killed by the same move by another manticore-type in Apollyon (by "Deadly Hold" while i was recasting shadows. Arrrgh).

On Saturday i went to sky; recouped my exp loss when we were fighting Aura Pots, trying to get Ro'Maeve Water, which we successfully obtained after about 2 hours of milling around. Only died once at Kirin as a puller; i was otherwise mostly a backup tank for the other gods - i didnt even try to bid for Byakko's Haidate, knowing Kknbb and Musa were also eyeing it as well (and yes, more points than i have, bleh). Eventually, Musa happily obtained his pair of B.Haidate, while Kirin dropped Shining Cloth x 2, but nothing else.

On saturday night, after wrapping up a successful merit / ws-burn party led by Overdrive, in which i've now gained enough Imperial Standing to trade for bronze coins, reaching the halfway mark for the spiffy Turban (510 coins / 1k required).

Got Puru to log in for Tele-Yhoat, then the three of us (HM, Puruwuru and myself) went to Sea Serpent Grotto to hunt for a MNK testimony. The stupid Shore Sahagin refused to drop it; we had to give up after 3am (5am sydney time). It was 4am when i finally hit the bed.

Woke up at 09:00 HK/Singapore time (11am sydney time) this morning. Skipped sky; spent about an hour farming slime oils in Korroloka before Overdrive sought my assistance with Savage Blade NM in the desert.

Prior to setting out for the desert again, i had to decline helping Azero with BRD testimony - its a major irony because during the night before, we got at least 5 BRD testys from Costal Sahagins, when waiting for Shore Sahagin to repop >_>

Somehow my connection had decided to become crappy at this point; still trying to figure out why i can't stay connected to FFXI on my PC, while Puru has Bittorrent open on his PC simultaneously.. geez <_<

So i lost connection thrice in 10 min intervals; on my second dc i managed to get the WHM killed (fighting linked Anticans), but luckily Glavien had reraise3 up. Le Sigh.

Defeated the scorpy without further incident (well, this was after i forced a shutdown on Puru's Bitcomet..) and disbanded. Since i had about an hour to go before my retraining session @Maju Camp starts, i decided to venture out to Lufaise Meadows to skillup my G.Katana, as well as to kill beastmen (orcs and gigas) to erase Fomor hate.

And volia (see below screenshot) :3

I doubt i'll selll this earring anytime soon, since i can use it when i level WHM (Lv38 now) again ^-^

On a closing note i'll post 2 more screenies, before heading out to the gym..

Taken by Astara actually, when we were whacking Aquarius, en route to Ramuh fight.

And twins! Taken at Kirin waiting area yesterday ^^