Thursday, May 25, 2006

"Last Day" @ Tan Tock Seng Hospital

Posting from work, reflecting on my work for the past 2 months.. I'd rate myself an overall 60%, deducting points for:
- inaccurate data entries,
- lacking initiative (just meekly following instructions most of the time instead of thinking a few steps ahead),
- being stubborn at times (leading to friction between myself and some soon-to-be ex-colleagues) and,
- sprouting the wrong words at the wrong time <-- greatest flaw in my personality.


Guess it doesnt take a rocket scientist to figure out why i'd be on the hunt for another job again.

Anyway, (although the work kinda sucked) surprisingly, i found myself liking working in the hospital environment during this short time, and as such will miss it.

My last day @work (tomorrow) will be spent at the Headquarters (which is much nearer to my home) to help with some logistics (i.e. moving stuff around); hence today's considered to be my last day working in the hospital.

Looking forward to the training session @Maju Camp later this evening; i'll get to leave office at 4:50pm (sydney time 18:50hrs) ^-^b

On the flip side, due to "gym" / training sessions on every Thursday nights and Sunday afternoons (from now till 15th June) i'd be unable to login to FFxi until after midnight (sydney normal time) >_>

I can only hope that i have the will to enforce "Operation Flab-buster" this time.