Wednesday, May 24, 2006

something random :3

i was updating the stats on the japanese website (the box on the right side of my blog, below my char piccie) when i decided to take a screenshot, after rearranging the little boxes ^^

On the left side (of the above screenie) the crafts as follows:
(represented by red colour if you're viewing the black box)
- Smithing (Lv0)
- Bonecraft (Lv52)
- Leathercraft (Lv5)
- Woodworking (Lv2)
- Clothscraft (Lv0 on isad)
- Alchemy (Lv5 now yay!) Well, i'll have more time when i'm jobhunting =/
- Goldsmithing (Lv0)
- Fishing (Lv0)

And on the right side (of above screenie, or blue boxes if viewing blck box):

First row:
' NIN Lv75
' WAR Lv48
' BLM Lv42
' WHM Lv38
' THF Lv26
' MNK Lv17
' RNG Lv17
' PLD Lv10
' RDM Lv3

Second row:
' DRG Lv1
' SAM Lv0 (only to collect weapon in Norg)
' BRD Lv1
' DRK Lv0 (zomg!)
' BST Lv1
' PUP Lv0 (yep, too lazy to unlock puppetmaster)
' SMN Lv1 (and carby mitts are rusting away..)
' COR Lv0 (also not unlocked cosair)
' BLU Lv1 (the only expansion job unlocked; because i was getting Olduum Ring too)