Tuesday, May 09, 2006

The Sunday without sky run, and Monday night Limbus :D

No sky run on sunday, as most of everyone (on the NA side of Jedi LS) spent my sleeping hours whacking antlions for teh Rostum Pumps. 12 successful runs; its impressive indeed, considering the LS is still pretty new, and most HK and asian members (such as myself) were out Zzz.. Kenkenbb and Sun did turn up to help, i think.

Hence, after logging on on sunday morning, i warped from the Hall of the Gods - took a break; read a novel that i borrowed from the library (LUCI in the sky - a sci-fi novel penned by Chris Fox.. pretty interesting read).

At about (on my Sunday) 11am, (or 23:00 Sat Eastern Daylight Saving time) Luar formed a team to head out to Sacrarium. Well.. to cut a long story short, we only got 1 belt out of 6 tries or so; and even had a full wipe.. which reminds me, i should buy another Reraise Earring soon. Was relieved to get rid of my Fomor Codex though; many thanks to Tanuk and Overdrive who showed up to help out; although they had to homepoint during the full wipe T-T

After another break and some dinner, i spent most of the night joining an exp party out in Caedarva Mire; slowish exp due to many teams; but was happy that i got a merit point or two - and completed my Imperial Standing-purchased map collections (Halvung, Mamook and Arrapago Reef).

Today, i spent most of my working time squinting at my lousy 486 at the office to print badges in preparation for the Conference, which is less than a fortnight away.. did not reach home until about 9pm (11pm Sydney Normal Time; or 9am Eastern Daylight Saving time).

Joined Sun, Kenkenbb and a few others (including, to my surprise, Solidzeke <-- though i doubt he has any idea who i am hehe) on a run to NE Apollyon. Ah, the ancient coins, how i missed em ^^ Tally up to 43 now; maybe i'll get that Brutal Earring, or the Boxer's Mantle.. i'll /random when i have enough coins. Odd for earring, Even for mantle XD

And finally, a pic before i sign out.. thanks to Limbus, and some chatting with Xamer, Orin, Bronzeth and Wazz i'm still up at this hour (1am), and finished my weekly Sacrarium jog :p

Well, guess i'll continue with the other misc. weekly stuff tomorrow night.. my well-meaning mom's staring daggers at me now lol (such as: chocobo run, escort quest, tactics pearl, and a new Cosmos-Cleanse a few days later)