Friday, April 28, 2006

Posting from work, Part Deux @.@/

Sowwie, no piccies, since i'm posting from work yet again. 30mins to go!

Ah yesh, finally its Friday again \(o.o)/

Reflecting on what i can do during the coming long weekend (exempting tomorrow morning, where i'll be back at work during the morning).

Let's see.. i've skipped my second consecutive weekly escort run; maybe i should just try to solo the bastok / crawler's nest escort mission from now on.

During the week, i spent my free time checking out all 5 staging points; while the true-sight Imps were a pain to fight; as NIN/WHM i was able to win (though there was a scary moment as an %$#@< Imp decided to play smart and landed a Fire3 on me right after sleepga.. i should arm myself with poison potions on my next solo trip..)

Some of the new zones were very scenic (the ruined ships of Arrapago Reefs come to mind).. its a great pity that those zones are not newbie-friendly -.-

Psymonk quit FFXI yesterday - while it was not surprising, considering his commitments to his {fun} but {Incredibly Tough} {Job}, as well as his {Impossible to gauge!} girlfriend, i found myself sighing - that we have lost yet another nice player to the harsh reality of "real life". Now, if the forum would load so that i can drop a note there to wish him all the best in his endeavours :D

While i'd like to level WHM (cough -resolution '06- cough), i'm kinda too lazy to shuffle all the stuff from my mule; and i've promised puruwuru, that i'd be working on getting my Alchemy up - i'd need inventory space. Lots of it *excuses, excuses, excuses.. tsk* ;D

Another "to-do" is to convince my bro that it will be an advantage for him to get all the 5 staging points, as well as for him to do all the time-wasting quests, such as to get that bonus Imperial Mythril Coin (Lure of the Wildcat).

Already there are some lifele.. err i mean dedicated adventurers sporting snazzy Rare/Ex armor obtained from exchanging Assault points.